April 26, 2008

It has come to my attention that I am evil.  Well not in the devil horns and pitch fork sort of way but evil in the I’m a bossy person who gives out advice that isn’t wanted and don’t know how to shut up when it serves in my best interest.

I have spent the better portion of my children’s life ignoring them.  They have needed obvious discipline and I chose to sit on the sidelines and let them run to torment everyone else.  Now they have no idea how to behave.  For this I take the blame.  Now it is almost too late.  I have one child who is a teenager and is completely out of control.  He is too big for me to do anything to him physically and he knows it.  Now I am looking for someone else to help me to deal with him. 

My not quite teenager has decided the best way for her to get anything is for her to throw herself on the floor and cry.  I guess I deserve it since she never had a singleproblem with her when she was 2.  Now she acts 2 and it is driving me crazy.  I don’t know what to do with her but I hope I can change her attitude before she gets worse.  I think it is still possible.

The younger two can be grouped together.  They just do things to attempt to get attention their older siblings are stealing from them.  They have begun employing some of the tactics the older two are using.  Thyereally are good kids, they just need to learn that this isn’t the best way to get attention from me.  I think it will be easy for them to change back to the good little boys they were.

To those people who I have hurt by attempting to convince to change their lives because I think you are just making things up to cover up your past hurts,  I am WRONG!!!.  You shouldn’t do anything you don’t want to.  If you feel you can’t or won’t or don’t want to, YOU SHOULDN’T!!!  Never, no matter what, let someone else tell you how to feel, think, act, or be.  You are who you are.  You should never change that for anyone.  I’m sorry that I tried.  I never should have.  It is none of my business what goes on in YOUR life or how you plan on living it.  I was overstepping my boundaries as your friend.  I would like to apologize.  I never meant to treat you like that.

Well I will end this random raving about my shit for life.  Keep checking back and see if the teen gets better or gets sent to a home, the almost teen gets up off the floor and dries up her tears, and if the younger two can get back on track.



  1. I am sorry for being such a bitch sometimes. No it wasnt just you and everyone else thinks I should just agree with him.
    This is why I exploded.

  2. You’re almost teen? Is she 12? And your teenager. I’m betting on hormones. They’re a killer. Oh, the freaking DRAMA from a 12 year old. The hate-the-whole-world for existing attitude from a teenager. And the backtalking because they’re obviously a million times smarter than you. And the “you’re ruining my life” or “this is the WORST thing that’s ever happened in my life” .. or various other forms of overly-dramatic, fatalistic tragedy. It’s as if they’d rather not live to see their next birthday and are daring you to kill them and spare the both of you. Holy God, do I feel ya.

    Hang in there. They eventually find some emotional balance. Hopefully before they’re 30.

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