Honoring a Fallen Hero

April 4, 2008

Today, 40 years ago, there was an assassination.  One bullet took away a very wonderful man.  He was well educated, but hated for the color of his skin and the feelings he inspired in others.  Who is to know what he could have accomplished had his life not been taken that night.  Our world could be a much different place than it is today.  Martin Luther King Jr., you are dearly missed by all of those who knew you and even by those who never got that chance.

I was unfortunately not born when we lost this wonderful man.  I don’t know first hand what was going on during that time period but after learning about what he was trying to do for our society as a whole, I think those who murdered him were dumb.  I don’t understand how people can kill because they disagree with what someone else thinks or says.  I know what I say isn’t really something new to those of our society.  There are plenty of people with this same opinion of our society.  We take things that are wonderful and rape and pillage until there is nothing beautiful left.  We have been like this for as long as our history has been recorded.

Somewhere out there, I’m sure that someday a new savior will come and help to “fix” this planet.  We are spending too much time worrying about what others are doing we aren’t seeing what is going on at home.  We need oil for our gas guzzling SUV’s so we go to war with a country to keep our supply chain intact.  When will we realize there are more important things than that.  What about those families who have a loved one serving over there?  When will they get the chance to know that their loved ones are home safe and sound.  No need for them to lay down their lives for $3 or $4 a gallon gas.  Searching through a country for someone who has probably since shaved his beard, taken off his turban, and is living easy in some temperate climate, wearing shades while sitting on the beach tanning his chicken legs.

We spend time persecuting others for the very same things we do here at home.  We just never see this because the news doesn’t spend it’s time focusing in on it.  How long do you think a newscastor would last if they reported the truth about the acts we do here at home we are fighting to abolish in other countries.  We are spending time telling China to treat women with respect when we don’t have that here at home. I know I’m not looked on as favorably as a man for anything.  I’m just one dumb vagina that should be home barefoot pushing babies out while washing the dishes and cooking the dinners.

I know I have ranted on for a very long time about this subject so I will try and not to continue on any longer.  Thank you all for reading my own personal opinion on this manner and I hope I didn’t detract too much from my original statement.  A new savior will come and when they do I hope we are ready.



  1. we should burn our bras… lol

  2. If you have the time (I think it’s about 20 minutes long), check out this audio recording of Martin Luther King Jr’s speech about why he was opposed to the Vietnam war: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b80Bsw0UG-U It’s so eerily relevant to the war currently going on in Iraq, I was just blown away.

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