Crazy Weather

March 27, 2008

This morning my children were feeling better so I decided they needed to return to school.  This little jaunt of getting them there takes us the better part of an hour.  I know I could just transfer them to the town where we are living and save the headache that is driving and gas but I would still have to drive near there on a daily basis for my schooling so for now they stay.

Anyway back to my discussion of the commute.  The skies are gray, you know the color they can get when it is definitely going to rain, maybe even storm a little.  I was expecting that maybe we would run into a little rain on the way to school.  This isn’t too bad but keep in mind that it isn’t ideal either since the windshield wipers don’t work on my car.  The Rain X does help though once you get to going highway speeds and since most of my travel is on one highway or the next, this is fine with me.

We left town and began our trek to school when the skies opened up and it began raining.  We were still able to drive but the rain kept coming down really hard.  The worst part of this trek in the rain is all the big vehicles who have not a care in the world, spewing dirty water from their tires.  This makes my windows dirty and then the commute gets a little dangerous.  This morning for whatever reason everyone drove their gas guzzling SUV’s and pickup trucks to work.  My car is now a mess of road grim and dirt. 

Once we were about five miles from the school, the rain turned to this sort of hail, sleet, snow mix.  It was pretty harrowing at times since every semi was on the road this morning as well.  I feared for my life a little but we got the kids to school just fine.

This weather is very strange.  First it gets really nice, so nice that you figure you may not have to wear the sweats much longer.  The very next day, there is a foot of snow on the ground.  So this morning it wasn’t a foot of snow but it was decently wild.  I had never seen hail snow and lightning all at the same time.  

The even more interesting part of this is that my younger brother, who thinks he can forecast the weather, really can’t.  He told us as did the weather people come to think of it, that it wasn’t going to snow at all here, all we were getting was some rain.  I can see the white stuff in the grass, I think they were wrong!!!  My brother went one step further, he said it wasn’t going to even rain.  Well my wet socks say otherwise.

Right now it is snowing outside again, but the forecast for the weekend is looking nice.  I hope it comes true because I want to spend some much needed time outside under the sun while avoiding it at the same time.  Gotta love the doctors and medicine!!! 



  1. stupid doctors and their meds dont work… and freakin brothers and their forecastings dont either.

  2. Sherrie ~ So true, so true!!!

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