March 14, 2008

I know it has been awhile since I’ve written and I do apologize.  I don’t know how many people read my blogs for their content or if everyone out there is looking at my blogs for some of the past pictures.  For those of you who are actually reading my blogs, thank you.  My goal is not to disappoint.

Well here it is, spring break time again.  My children and I are on spring break at the same time this year, which by itself isn’t always a bad thing. With the way things have been going between us lately, sometimes I wonder why our breaks can’t come at different times.

My eldest son has been getting under my skin lately.  He has turned my mom and I against each other, undermined my authority on more than one occasion, and taken on the role of my dad.  In regard to the first thing, she and I never really have gotten along, so the whole thing isn’t really a big shock.  The second one is a little harder to deal with.  He is making it harder for me to be the adult who is in control.  The one with a handle on the situation.

Any more I know he needs help but I am unsure where to turn.  I know that before long he will outgrow me in both size and strength.  Once this happens I won’t be able to stop him if he gets out of control.  Right now he tends to get angry and physical only when it is good for him to.  What I mean by this is that he only hits things and he knows that when my mom is around he can act like I’m trying to kill him so she jumps in.  He finds this whole thing humorous.  I however am not that big a fan.

With this week of spring break I was hopeful that things would get better but I am not holding my breath.  So far it has only been about a day and a half and he is already trying my patience.  Only the future will tell what he will be like.  I’m hoping for a complete turn around.

As far as the rest of the kids, they are all on their best behavior with only minor things to annoy me.  Nothing out of the ordinary with them.  There is the pretending not to hear me game they have in full swing.  They are making additions to their book, How to Drive Your Mother Crazy in Only One Short Day.  I’m sure it will be a best seller.  The younger two are working on their memoirs, When Your Older Brother Turns into the Hulk.  Also bound to be a best seller.  Keep an eye out for them in your local bookstore.

I guess I should also give another update.  The first visit for the older kids didn’t really lead to any problems so this weekend the younger two get there chance with their dad.  Nathan is scared but Joey is gung-ho about it.  He can’t wait.  I’m not sure exactly why these boys are acting this way.  Maybe it is in their nature to be different.  I could understand if Joey was terrified since he has no idea who this guy is or what to expect.  Maybe Nathan should feel the same way since he really hasn’t had any communications with him since he was 2.  We have reassured him though that if he feels uncomfortable at any moment all he has to do is call.  If we can’t convenience him to stay that we will come and get him.  I figure that he will get there and be able to play video games and he will feel right at home.  I’m kinda hoping for a quiet night.

Well my little brother has discovered a new passion.  He is in love with Myspace.  He said he never wanted one but now that is all he wants to do.  He drives me nuts.  Right now he wants me to get done on here so he can send a message to his friends.  Damn the myspace.  Well not my space but his!!!  Anywho… check back later for further updates on what happens this weekend with the younger children and their first visit with their father and whether I make it through the week of spring break (sober).   



  1. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hmmmmmm

  2. Yeah, your brother added me on myspace. You can let him know I’m not just a stuck-up bitch, but I can’t accept anyone on my friends list that has pictures of violence against women on their page. It might not seem that way, but I do have some principles to stick to 😉

    And Nathan should feel uncomfortable. How scary to have to stay with someone that’s essentially a stranger to you, and everyone acts like it’s no big deal. It’s completely ok to go get him if he doesn’t want to stay all night. If dad doesn’t understand that, maybe he needs to learn a few more things about children (preferrably his own).

  3. To satendrarai ~ hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii back at you.

    To Heather ~ Sorry about the myspace thing. That was my fault, i was attempting to find him one and put it there as a place holder. I don’t agree with violence against women either. Nathan felt fine after he got there and didn’t want to come home after he got there. As a matter of fact he threw a huge fit after he got home because he didn’t want to be here. Gotta love kids!!!

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