Let It Snow

February 7, 2008

Living in Iowa has begun to have it’s drawbacks.  For what seems like forever now, we have been covered in snow.  Actually last week we did reach a high in the 50’s and this melted most of the snow we had gotten before.  By this morning we had another round of snow leaving us buried under almost a foot of snow.

The snowplow guys are making a killing digging everyone out and we are running out of places to pile it all.  Today I watched my neighbor try and dig her driveway out form under all the snow.  She would dig a little bit and then she would take a break.  Last night she shoveled as well so you would figure it would have been easier.  It wasn’t.  After she spent most of the day shoveling, she had only cleared about a third of her drive.  My brother, out there making a killing in the snow removal business, just did the end of her driveway for her and she paid him very generously. 

He worked most of the day to releave the neighbors of their heavy fluffy burden.  Now he is exhausted.  I don’t mind because he won’t be bothering me tonight.  This is a plus from the last few days.

The only other thing I have to complain about was that the schools around here let out for the day.  My kids have been bugging all of us all day long.  My oldest has been bugging my brother, wanting to help him go about his tremendous job.  My other three kids have been bugging me. 

I checked my school email, since my classes were cancelled as well, and my instructor from one of my classes has sent me the test we were supposed to take last week (class was cancelled then due to weather) and again this week.  With all of the delays, this is the only option for the teacher to get a grade turned in for his report was to give it to us this way.   I have begun working on it but I wanted to get a post done beforehand so I don’t have this to worry about.  I guess I’ll get it done later as opposed to sooner, but this is how my life goes.

Here is a funny thing which happened to us just the other night.  My oldest son was playing with a pantyliner.  He knows what girls use then for, so this was not out of line for him.  Maybe I should mention that he has trouble with the whole deer stains in his underwear.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, he doesn’t always wipe his butt very well, leaving a rather large streak in his underwear.  This makes doing laundry very nasty.  Well we were making fun of him about his problem and mentioned he should use one of them for his “chocolate time”(what we affectionately call his problem, when girls are having their time we call it “strawberry time”).  He then took the pantyliner and removed the paper covering the sticky backing and placed it on the outside of his pants right over his butt crack.  My brother couldn’t believe it.  We all died laughing, and as a matter of fact, I had to stop writing this because we were all reliving it again.  My son knows I’m writing this and he is embarrassed and maybe a little mad too.  I think he will get over it in time but it was funny and I figured that people could use a good laugh this week.       

I would like to use this time to send out my condolences to those people who experienced a loss during the terrible weather in the South.  Heart goes out to those who lost a loved one or their possessions.  I know my words can’t bring back all the things you lost but I hope you can recovery from this and rise from the rubble with your heads held high.

For right now this is all I have to say.  I’m going to dig out the car so I can take a trip to school in the morning.


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