January 29, 2008

Why is it people feel the need to lie?  Is there something wrong with the world the way it is that people feel they can only make their small portion of this planet better by telling some sort of tall tale about what so and so has done this week while in the privacy of their own mind.  I just don’t get it.  My children have all been on a rash of lying lately.  First it was small stuff and very easy to spot but as time has gone on my kids are getting better at it, or I’m losing my edge, the firm little grasp releasing a little.

Not all of their lies make sense.  I try to remind them that lying is bad and that telling the truth will be less traumatic then lying and me finding out later that they lied.  No one likes a liar and I am no exception.  I have no idea where they are getting this habit from but I’m beginning to wonder whether it can be the environment they are living in.

My mother is a liar.  She isn’t even really good at it.  She tries, don’t get me wrong.  She just can’t do it.  Over the phone she has an easier time than she does in person.  In person she is spotted almost immediately.  Sometimes I think she is unaware that we know she is lying as for the most part we don’t point it out.  We let her believe she is smart for having tricked us when in actuality she is the one being duped.  I know this isn’t fair to her but hey she’s the one who is lying not me.

Then there is my younger brother.  He finds it difficult to lie unless it is something very important.  The things he finds important include anything to do with his drug dealing friends and their “business” or his whereabouts during times when he hasn’t been home like he is supposed to.  He also finds it difficult to tell the truth about his friends.  He has recently made the mistake of telling us a lie which didn’t get him far but if he knows he can he will push it until he wins and for the most part my mom lets him get away with it. 

My kids have picked up on this bad habit and this is driving me crazy, mostly because I don’t have time to waste figuring out what the truth is.  I don’t want to be like my mom and wake up some day and realize that my kids are doing drugs and having sex and heaven only knows what else and to have it pointed out to me that I let it all happen by not taking a stand against it when they were younger.

This has even come to light since my husband left me.  He was a liar.  I guess I should have expected it.  Even my most recent dating experience is making me rethink ever trusting anyone again, even myself.  How is it possible to be that oblivious to the things going on around you to not know anything.  As with my kids I don’t know who to believe.  Where are the people I need to trust and if you can’t trust family who are you suppose to trust?

Well until I figure this out I will keep my enemies close but my friends closer.



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