Rant Attack

January 9, 2008

I know I promised to write more often in here and about things which matter but I am having a hard time deciding exactly what I want to write about.  I have so many things I want to say and no idea where to begin. 

Since I am back in school I have had the opportunity to realize how much I hate stupid people.  For the most part my classes haven’t really contained a large number of stupid people but last night there was one girl who got on my nerves. 

She is a manager for an accessories store at the mall.  She is, I would say, right out of high school.  She is supposed to represent the future workforce.  She reminded me of the movie Clueless.  She uses the word like about every other word.  She has the idea that a manager should just sit back and file her nails while the employees do all the work.  She herself admitted she doesn’t know what she’s doing and when the instructor asked her questions she as a manager should have known she had not a clue.  GRRRR!!!

I worry about the business of the future.  I know that someday as a small business owner I will have to work with people just like this.  Ones who work so their parents will buy them a really fancy car or so they have an excuse not to help around the house anymore.  Ones who would rather sit and chit chat with friends than actually doing what they are supposed to because they know they don’t have to have a job because their parents will bail them out. 

This gets me to thinking about “rich kids.”  When I say rich kids I mean ones whose sole status is gained through their parents.  For example, what exactly did Paris Hilton do to become famous besides being the heiress to the Hilton fortune.  I know she did a little modeling but she is by no means as famous for modeling as some like Tyra Banks.  How about the Jenner boys.  I know Brody is on ‘The Hills’ but he was famous long before that because of his bad side.  Kids who do things because they know their parents will bail them out.  This bugs me about our future.  Just once I would like to hear about the ‘rich kid’ who does something good. 

Think about this: if you or I went to jail for any one of the things celebrities go to jail for we would have to serve our time in general population living like any inmate would have to but because they have money they get to stay in private.  Yeah that means no group shower for the heiress.  Sorry boys she won’t be releasing another movie about her sex-ploits which occurred while she was in jail.  Hell she even was allowed to leave because she had a medical problem.  If that where you or I we would be taken to a hospital where we would have someone guard us or we would have to stay at the medical ward of the place.  No warm soft bed for me with my mummy or daddy telling me it will be ok snookums.

I would like to take this chance to apologies for these rants against people I don’t know.  I am also in business law this semester so I will be ranting about things like this because I can.  If you don’t agree with me you can leave here fuming or write me a comment.  I really look forward to hearing what people have to say about these topics too.



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