Tis the Season

November 23, 2007

The holidays are wonderful.  It is a time of relaxing and maxing out of credit cards.  The bright lights and stores full of shoppers willing to beat your head in for the last one of this years must have toys. 

It has always amazed me at how this time of year can bring out the best and the worst in people all at the same time.  People will think nothing of tossing their extra change to the Salvation Army but will pull hair and heaven only knows what else just to get the toy little Billy wants for Christmas cuz ya just can’t disappoint little Billy or he’ll go postal when he’s 15 and kill his parents for not getting him the stupid toy when he was 7. 

This time of year should be about giving but all we are really worried about is the getting.  What are we getting from (fill in the blank with anyone’s name)?  If it isn’t that it is the “How good will we look if we get so and so this?  I am amazed.  What exactly are we teaching our children by setting these kinds of examples?

I know this isn’t exactly fair because if I had the money I would probably be exactly like that.  Kind of.  I want my kids to grow up understanding that you should give no matter what time of year it is.  There are homeless and less fortunate people all year round.  Why is it we only care during this time of year?

My personal opinion is that this caring started by people who were looking for a way to get more tax deductions for their charitable donations.  OK probably not but it is certainly a good story.  It does make me wonder though what these people are doing the rest of the year and where they think these homeless and less fortunate people are the rest of the year.

I will admit that right after Halloween, I love Christmas time not necessarily the holiday.  This is evident by the fact that 2 of my children are born in September.  The lights are beautiful and for the most part people are in a good mood.  They are tipping well and there just happens to be a little spring in most people’s steps.  For the most part people are like giant Santas.  There cheeks are all rosy and they whistle an uplifting tune.

I actually hate Christmas itself because it is over-commercialized.  I know that I myself am not Christian per-say but I still believe that those who are forget the reason for this season.  The reason for the Christians is the birth of Christ.  Most kids nowadays are “Christ who?”  I don’t want my children to get caught up in this same trap. 

My children are being raised Christian and I know this is part of their holiday.  I respect them for it.  I want them to understand what exactly happened through Christ.  He was born and suffered and died all for them.  I don’t think the Christians always remember this.  This is never more apparent as they don’t volunteer to help at a soup kitchen but instead they are out buying up every store to impress their family and friends.

Well this is the first of the seasonal rants.  I don’t know if there will be more but I can just about bet there will be.  I hope none of you find these too distasteful to continue reading my posts and liking what you read.  I hope you all are enjoying my writing and will come back and read again.  Thank you…


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