Enjoy Heaven, Roger

November 3, 2007

Today I went to the funeral of my children’s grandfather.  Even though I hadn’t really been part of the family since my soon to be ex husband left me, he is still missed.  It is hard to attend a function where you are an outsider.  Trust me, I am an outsider.

Nothing brings this to light like attending a funeral.  There is a lot of crying and hugging and seeing people you don’t remember or never met.  This is what a funeral is all about.  My children haven’t seen most people on this side of the family since their dad left and never came back.  Others it has been about a year or two.  The only comment most people had to say was how my kids have skinned up.  Pretty sad for people who haven’t seen them in forever.

I would blame my husband, however, I have learned the biggest thing I need to do is take responsibility for my actions.  He never takes his children.  His new girlfriend/future wife doesn’t like my kids.  Actually doesn’t like is soft for her true feelings.  Today, at the funeral, during the service, they sat behind my children and made comments about them.  Of course my children tuned them out because they found it very disrespectful so they don’t know if the things were good or bad, however I have a feeling they were not very nice.

At the get together after the funeral, my husband came up to my oldest son, hugged him and told him he loved him.  This from a man who only speaks to them when his sister shanghai’s him into talking to them.  I just hope he didn’t promise them anything.  They don’t need any more empty promises from him.

Anyway back to Roger.  He was a wonderful old man.  Well he wasn’t really old, 57 isn’t.  He was too young to die.  I know he and I never really saw eye to eye but I really wanted to have him around for awhile.  He was the one who told me I needed to dump the loser.  Of course he was drunk, as always, but I wouldn’t have wanted him any other way.  And just for the record, HE WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! 

Anyway, I would like to apologize if anything I said here offended anyone.  I know this day wasn’t about me or my children.  It was about Roger and everyone’s love for him.  Most of these people were there because they knew him and thought he would never die.  Him and cockroaches.  Well actually they both can die but only Roger will live on to pester the rest of us, even in eternal slumber.

You will be missed by so many, loved by most, and pestering all you can!!!  Enjoy Heaven, you deserve it!!!


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