Not Much

October 24, 2007

I know I keep promising something exciting about my life will come but as of yet I really haven’t figured out what has caused all of this drama in my life.  I will however post something interesting.  Well interesting to me.

Anyway.  Yesterday I spoke with my future ex husband.  We haven’t been on speaking terms in a very long time but I think someone dying has a way to change that, even in the worst love/hate relationship.  No one has died yet but they are about one foot into the grave.  I have never really been a fan of the person but I digress. 

After he spoke to my oldest son he spoke to me.  Well actually I guess maybe I should back up a little.  His sister forced him to talk to my son and then my son forced me to speak to him.  It was a pleasant conversation anyway.  Hell, he even complemented me on something.  I was proud.  Kind of. 

He asked me why I don’t like his girlfriend.  Actually he said hate.  I told him the truth as he needed to know it.  I told him I don’t hate her.  I have no reason to.  This was a small white lie and I don’t think he needs to know the truth.  His girlfriend is a back stabbing b&*@%.  I know this is harsh but it is the truth.  She would sell out her mom to get what she wants. 

Anyway, the complement was about my cooking.  He did say I was a good cook.  I would have taken it as a complement however he followed it up with the fact that I made him fat.  He wondered how he weighs as much now as he did when we were together but he fits into smaller jeans.  Muscle, my dear, muscle. 

Anyway I will finish this up as I have many more things to do once I’m done with this.  Anyway, check back and see what the latest is in my life…


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