Radio Days

September 19, 2007

I know I’m going to sound corny but I don’t care.  I love sappy romantic men.  At night, when I listen to the radio, I always have it tuned in to Delilah’s radio show.  She is a wonderful woman and an inspiration to women everywhere.  She isn’t afraid to tell people like she sees things and I love this about her.

Last night I had class so I missed a portion of her show but my roommate had it on in the car when I got in.  I had missed the caller but I heard the song “When a Man Loves a Woman” and my roommate was filling me in.

A male caller, which is rare for this type of show, wanted her advice.  He was in love with a woman he called “Lee” and had been for a long time.  They met at work and were in a hot and heavy relationship.  He called her his girlfriend though he had never asked her out on a date.  He was worried because he felt their relationship was falling apart.  He wanted to know what to do.  Delilah gave him a lot of grief (keep in mind this is a shortened version of the call).  She told him he was doing things backwards and needed to ask this girl out on a date.

This reminded me of my relationship with my “boyfriend” and myself.  Our relationship and its definitions have changed over the course of the last year and we are this couple.  I’m thinking it is him.  He won’t tell me and since I didn’t hear it I may never know.  Except that I have an e-mail going out to the show asking them if I can hear it.

Either way, I love him very much and even if he is the one on the radio, I would say yes to him every single day.  As for the song, it is our song.  He loves the oldies and I’m just a sap for romantic music.

Well check back and I will let you all know if it was him and how our first “date” went!!! 



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