Happy Birthday

September 12, 2007

I know a few people having a birthday this month and I just want to wish them a happy birthday. 

To my love, I know turning 30 will be hard but I promise I will make you feel more like you’re turning 21.  You aren’t as old as you think you are and remember age is just a number, even if yours is 56.

To my father, I know you have been gone a couple of years now but I still miss you and celebrate your birthday as a reminder of where I came from.  You were a wonderful person and you will always be missed.  I know I didn’t get down to “see” you with the pizza and beer like I did last year but I will visit soon and bring a wonderful feast.

To my future ex-mother-in-law, I know I haven’t spoken to you in awhile now but I feel you are special in the life of my children, even if you aren’t there.

To my oldest brother, I know we haven’t ever really met and spent anytime together but I would like that to change.  I don’t want to lose contact with you and hope to see you in the future. 

To my oldest son, I know things have been rough and it isn’t easy to be a teenager but you need to realize you aren’t the center of the universe.  I look forward to helping you achieve your goals and dreams as you want to get your permit and a job, both responsibilities you need to act more mature to receive.

To my roommate’s “one true love”, may you have a special birthday this year.  Remember 30 isn’t that far away so enjoy your 20’s while you can.  If your still looking for someone to go out with, you have my number right?  I promise not to tell her what you do as long as you can behave yourself.

To my middle son, I know you are a very bright boy and you will do well in this world.  Someday people will see you for who you truly are and love you even more.  Always remember to smile and never let the world get you down.

May all of you get all that you want and more for your birthday.  I wish you all well.

I forgot a birthday and I know he may actually read this:

To my true loves brother ~ I know you guys don’t always get along but at least you are trying.  He has a thick head and I know sometimes he is stuck in his ways but as long as you are sincere in what you are trying to do I think he will come around.  BTW your writing on here is awesome.  I hope to meet you soon, any plans to come back to Iowa?

Also to those people who’s birthdays I didn’t mention I appologies.  It isn’t that you don’t matter, it’s just that I forgot but Happy Birthday to you anyway!!!


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