One Last HOORAH!!!

August 16, 2007

Right now I know I haven’t been posting on here like I promised I would.  I decided to take the kids and go camping before they go back to school.  Big mistake on my part.  They have fought almost constantly with me and between themselves and I have a sunburn from hell.  Yes I think it is from hell since I received it while sitting in the shade.  Even the kids who were in the sun didn’t get one nearly as bad as mine.  Hell some of them only browned a little.  Sometimes I hate being so white.

Anyway, I have started to feel like a homeless person as of late.  My last home the septic tank broke and my jackhole landlord refused to fix it so I have been trying to find a new place to put down roots.  This is hard to do when you are a single mom of a herd of small beings. 

Most places aren’t happy to let you in unless you are the mint and last time I checked I didn’t.  But there is a silver lining to this.  My cats are loving this and even through all of this so are my kids.  I think we are getting closer to a breakthrough… one way or another we will learn to get along.

Well enough for now and please don’t worry about us we are fine.  Soon we will be in the comforts of a nice place.  Check back and see how things are going. 


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