Life Interupted

August 2, 2007

What has this world come to?  I will be moving again, not even a year after the last one.  This is in small part to my landlord.  He has refused to fix our drain.  For the last week we have not been able to use the water at our house without it backing up all over the floor and the whole house smelling like sewage.  This means no showering, using the bathroom, washing dishes, ect.  This wouldn’t be so bad except for the kids. 

Since this all started we have done alot of eating out.  We have also realized what it must be like in third world countries.  We don’t take full showers and we try not to dirty any dishes.  The bathroom thing is the worst.  We are making it though. 

Right now we are waiting on the sewer guys to locate our septic tank so they can do their work.  Well that is what the landlord’s assistant has told us (the landlord is on vacation and wasn’t even planning on doing anything until he came back from whereever he went ~ a week from now).  We don’t believe the assistant so we have a call going out to the sewer guys to find out what is going on.  This is such a pain in the butt. 

Do yo uknow how hard it is to find somewhere to move when you have 6 people?  Especially one which is affordable for someone like me. 

Once when I was having a rough time I went and asked the state for assistance.  They actually had the nerve to tell me I should have found somewhere more affordable.  Now get this straight, this place isn’t outrageous.  I’m not sure what they were looking for.  I guess I could have gone and stayed at the Y with my kids but I don’t think that would be any better.

Well the last time we looked for somewhere to live my female roommate and I along with my kids had trouble getting in.  When we would talk to them on the phone they would tell us the number of people was fine but then we would show up to fill out the application and suddenly we had too many people for the apartment.  Then we figured it out.  We think they thought we were a lesbian couple.  I mean think about it a woman in her 30’s with 4 kids and a woman in her mid 20’s with no kids living together, there is only one thing they have to be ~ LESBIANS.  Of course we are lesbians because heaven for bid should two women who are friends live together.  One whose health isn’t very well and needs someone to look out for her and another who needs someone there to help out with the kids from time to time. 

All of this ended up going around the town I was from.  This one and one which involves me dealing drugs out of this house.  People can be so stupid.  Sure I deal drugs… I can’t stand them.  I don’t even take meds for a headache so dealing must be the logical step.  Well just so I don’t end up with the police out here at my house, I am not a lesbian and I am not a drug dealer.  

Hopefully in tomorrow the drain guys will fix my drain and all will get back to normal.  I also hope we find a place to move soon and I hope to get a really good job.  Until then we will make our way through life as it is now.     



  1. This is a very coman story. I hear this all the time. I gathering info from all the internet. To place on my Charity site.

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    I am hopping this will do some good. No funds as of yet. I am looking for grants and people needing a charity tax deduction.

    Some insite into my reasons behind this charity.

    next comment

  2. Well I am a concerned grandmother. My grandaughter age 12 is on some type of probation program.Grandaughter pulling the wool over law enforcement eyes. I find out on the 13 of this month( her mothers buirthday) Her mother (my daughter) Decided to cellibrate her birthday.(not that she needs a reason to drink)Grandaughter and her sister ( 14) beat the crap out of their mother. I Found out grandaughters are drinking and ridding in a auto with several boys that are drinking and also their Mother. Her Mother is Btpolar. And is on ssi.We do not give her money to her we pay the rent for her.Because of her company my daughter and grand children have been given 7 days to move from the property. I believe that they are at risk. The 2 girls & their Mother all three are in dier need of help.If they leave state again they will not get the mental help they all need. My daughter was beat saveirly by husband for 8-10 years and has suffered I believe mentaly because of this. Her then husband Mitch Godwin was molisting Kayla from the time they got together till the time they finaly seperated.8-10 years. She was only 2 years old when they got together.She has now stated that she will be pregnant within 6 months. She is on house detention.Smoking and drinking, and pot also maybe.I can not take them into my home because like I said I live on the same property. I had to move from one place because the 2 girls broke windows out at the comunity center in citra Florida. I know my daughter will hate me for this,but I am afraid that something bad is going to happen to them.My grand son was here with me,mother made him go home.They have no hom! Judy May

  3. Slick Click Wanta Be Queen

    Daughter:Patricia Culp Godwin

    Slick click chick’ ant it, at all’
    shes 34’still behind that 8 ball
    in scenes of being a wanta be~

    a 17’sweet homie queen.
    34′ a mother of 3′
    all flipped out’
    no eyes to see
    the truth’the mother she should be’

    mind’s all bent,to that ever green
    poor sad sad wanta be….17..queen..
    Broke her mother’s life into

    her heart laid at her feet~ too soon,
    playing to the wind of 17 ‘true
    behind the 8 ball’of dreams & scenes,
    those years still gone?or tucked away?
    beneth the soul’ the soul?
    This Slick click wanta be homie Queen.

    Judy A May
    Copyright ©2007 Judy A May

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