Sorry About This Random Thought Post

July 26, 2007

I know I usually post long winded blogs which drive you crazy.  I apologies for this.  I also realized after the last post that when I’m in a mood I don’t form sentences well and I have a ton of misspellings.  I know you are saying to yourself “Why don’t you just go and edit out the porblems?”  I feel if I do you don’t get the real me.  The me which isn’t perfect, no matter how hard I try to let everyone think this.

Yesterday was a little difficult.  I realized I’m going to have to move yet again.  I just moved back in December and so this move isn’t exactly looked forward to.  I have just gotten all of the boxes unpacked and the kids have just gotten use to living in the middle of no where.  I will miss this place.  I have loved the peace and quiet we have had out here.  We don’t get many visitors and this makes things nice.  I don’t fear for my life like I did when I lived in the city.  Even though I don’t know the neighbors out here well I know they looked out for us and even thought of my kids like an extension of their family. 

Yesterday, my mother called me and started lecturing me on moving so much.  She said it isn’t good for my kids to move so much.  Just when they get used to everything you move them again.  Kids shouldn’t have to live like that.  Hey her words not mine.  This pissed me off.  I guess those people in the military shouldn’t have kids and once they do they should never move again.  Hell I have a friend whose father is in the military and she moved 18 times while in school.  She is a well adjusted young woman and I don’t think her moving so much is a bad thing. 

I don’t see anything wrong with this moving thing and my kids.  I love the school district they are in right now because they take my childrens differences and deal with them in class.  My 6 year old is very well ahead of the rest of his class.  He can already give his 11 year old sister a run for her money.  He is doing her grade level math work and can read a book made for someone at her grade level.  He always wants to be learning.  Hell he can count to 10 in more than 2 languages, I can barely do that and I’m 32.  I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep him stimulated mentally. 

Well his teacher knew this and she decided to take it upon her self to keep working with him on things which are above his grade level.  She was teaching him sign language.  Working on multiplication problems.  She didn’t really have a choice.  If she didn’t work with him he disturbed the students around him.  He was getting his work done long before the rest of the students in the class.  Then just like his mom, he began talking to the kids and this kept them from getting their work done.

Well my other children aren’t as gifted.  They will be lucky if they get into college.  My oldest sons greatest goal is to work at McDonalds.  All because the owner of the one in our old home town drove a high priced performance machine.  I think it was a Ferrari.  No matter how much we tell him he will never be that without good education he doesn’t listen.  All pay for no work is going to be his motto.  He needs to get his head on straight.  He only has a couple of years left before he will be out in the real world with it biting him in the ass, just like the rest of us.

Here I am looking back over what i have already written and thinking at the beginning I promised not to write a long post again and here I am writing the post.  I’m going to end it here and I will be back later and finish this little rant if I am still on this train of thought.       


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