Happy Birthday ~ To ME!!!

July 3, 2007

I know this title is a little selfish but hey, most people will forget today is my birthday.  So what better way to celebrate it then to wish myself one. 

Last year only a few people remembered to tell me.  Hell my kids had to be prompted.  My brothers and mother had to be reminded, days later, and I still didn’t get a happy birthday out of them.  I expect the same thing this year.  This year though it is my own fault.  One brother is in prison, and I’m not speaking to my mother or other brother.  Well I shouldn’t expect too much, they tend to be very selfish.

Well I have some sleeping to do (this is what I have decided to do for my birthday).  I’m going to bed and I’ll see you all on the Fourth of July!!!  The day our country was founded.  A day for the country to lose its mind and get drunk and blow themselves up.  I know such a positive thought but it is true.  People of this country have no idea what the holiday is all about.  They think it is about drinking and fireworks.  I’m not against it either.  I just think people should be more careful.

Everyone have a careful Independence Day.  Relax responsibly!!!  Know your limit and leave the fireworks to the professionals. 


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