School Work

May 16, 2007

Sometimes I wonder exactly what schools are teaching our children.  I know things are different then they were when I was going to school.  I have trouble helping my children do their homework.  I wasn’t a slacker in school and even took advance placement classes.  Then you grow up and move out into the real work and suddenly you forget everything you learned. 

My daughter was suppose to do a marble run project.  Granted I understand this is to teach them to use their imagination and creativity.  However apparently my daughter has neither one of these things.  She couldn’t come up with a valid design for her project.  Once I helped with the design she could figure out how we were going to make it work.  Keep in mind this project was supposed to be done by her.  

Once I got all the parts together for her she helped hold the ramps and granted we were up until almost 2 this morning but I think this project will go well.  Right now I’m waiting for her to get home so I can find out how it went.  OK well she just got home and she didn’t do very well.  She only got six seconds because the marble kept getting hung up or falling off.  Well we tried and if we hadn’t waited until the last minute we could have done better.

Then there is my son.  He is doing a rocket project.  It took him about 5 minutes to put it together.  He was upset because we weren’t helping him.  His project is due tomorrow and hopefully he does well.  If not I will feel bad for not helping him.

The weather has cooled off making it nice to be outside, kind of.  Since I live so close to a large body of water and even larger body of standing water, we have a really bad mosquito problem.  My youngest looks like he has the chicken pox and his scratching makes it look like he does.  So I had to get the strong stuff since as you can see the regular stuff wasn’t working on my kids. 

Now the yard work is getting done.  It is a slow go but at least it is getting done.  Heck I may even get out there an start working in my garden.  I need to get my plants in the ground before they die from lack of many  things, including water.  Before long I hope to have a garden full of fresh foods I grew with my own hands.  There is nothing more rewarding then that.         

Well I need to get out into the warm sunshine, watch the ripples of the water against the shore, and realize there is more to life then my computer.  Besides my children need the sun.  


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