Fair Weather

May 14, 2007

Some days I wonder what in the world has gotten into people.  Just yesterday, after many long months of me complaining about my mother, she does something amazing.  I was so astounded.  She can be so selfless sometimes.  It leaves me at a loss of words.

After all of the kindness, mother’s day brings forth the best in some.  My son, who has been behaving poorly, mowed my yard, without complaint.  Actually he not only didn’t complain, he begged to do it.  I was shocked.  He worked for over 3 hours on it and even though he is no where near done, he made a large amount of progress and he fully intends to finish what he started to day when he gets home from school. 

Then there is my daughter.  She was a snotty little b$#*&.  She didn’t want to do anything and when she did things she did them so slow my four year old could have done them faster.  I don’t know what to do with her.  I am at my wits end with her.  She has made my hair gray faster then any of my other kids.  I’m hoping whatever it is she will figure it out and get back to her loving self.

My other two children sent me an e-card for mother’s day and were, for the most part, very well minded.  My oldest made me a card and my daughter made me a clip for my fridge.  I love all the gifts.  They are all special to me because they were made by my kids own hands.  I treasure them always. 

I do have one that stood out more than any other.  My daughter took a cutout of her hand and put it in a pot and it came with a very wonderful poem.  The poem talked about helping her grow up.  It made me cry.  The timing of it was great too.  I got it around the time when her dad left me so it was even more special.  She use to be so sweet.

I can’t wait until the day I can give back to my kids all of the wonderful things they have given to me.  I hope it will wait until they are old enough to appreciate being a parent and choose to be one, not forced, with an unplanned pregnancy (not that I love my kids any less as unplanned then I would have if they were planned).  Sometimes these are the best gift.


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