My Children and Love

May 12, 2007

Every day, especially when my youngest is in trouble he tells me “I love you all the time.”  This wouldn’t bother me except he only says it when he is in trouble with my roommate.  I wonder if he really loves me or if he says it just to keep me on his side.  Some day I will try out my theory.

I don’t think they really understand love.  It isn’t because I’m not a caring person.  I like to cuddle with them and give hugs and kisses.  Show them how much I love them.  They just don’t care for it as much as they use to.  I really miss the closeness I had with my kids. 

My oldest was never close with me.  He didn’t like to be held as a baby and he doesn’t like hugs now.  He is in contrast to my youngest who is a cuddle bug.  He never wanted to let me go and this has caused us a little bit of hurt.  Right now I’m trying to help him grow up.  He is about to go to preschool and I’m about to start work.  In either case, he needs to learn not to have me in his life every waking moment of his day.

Until I can come to some sort of happy medium I am stuck with my kids not accepting of my affection or over accepting of my affection.  


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