Mother’s Day

May 11, 2007

As it comes around again, Mother’s Day is probably one of my least favorite holidays, right after Father’s Day (but for different reasons).  My mom isn’t always worth celebrating.  She can be over barring and pretentious.  Yet she is my mother.  She did suffer for nine months and then hours upon hours of labor just to bring me into this world. 

I find it interesting.  Yesterday my mother called to tell me she had finally made an appointment with her doctor.  Something I’ve been telling her she needed to get done.  One of her medical conditions are out of whack so I told her she needed to let her doctor know. 

So we got to talking about what a change in her condition could mean for her.  I told her she may have to give herself shots.  She wasn’t happy about it and I told her if she needed it and didn’t she could die.  She hung up on me.  There was no anger, no good bye.  I was stunned.  Usually she hangs up on me after she has gotten angry at me and yelled at me.  This didn’t happen. 

Well back to the mother’s day thing.  Usually we have a dinner for mother’s day.  This year I haven’t heard about it.  Tonight I tried to call both my mother and my brother and no one answered.  I wonder if I was left out.  The black sheep in the family.  Never invited to functions and never told anything until it is too late. 

This isn’t the only thing I’m starting to hate about mother’s day.  My own children, as far as I can tell, aren’t doing anything for mother’s day.  How good a mom do you have to be before your own children forget your birthday and don’t do anything for you for mother’s day?  Keep in mind they live with me.  I must be horrible.

This is turning out to be a really crappy weekend.  My children’s father and I are going through a divorce.  By Tuesday we have to have our filing fees paid so we can move forward.  He offered to pay it before we started.  Now he is backing out of the deal.  He wants me to pay for it, just like he did when he first left me.  These days I would pay for it but since I can’t even pay my own rent I don’t know how I’m going to come up with the money.  Hopefully I will be smiled down upon and the money I need will drop into my hands.  Or I guess I could ask my mom.  But then she’ll say ask your brother and he’ll remind me I still owe her money.  So does he but this is a subject for a different blog.

I keep hoping I will get divorced soon.  I want my life back.  That and my maiden name.  I hate being related to Superman.



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