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May 8, 2007

Since I have started writing a blog (not just this blog) in the public domain I have always had a lack of comments on my thoughts.  I wondered why.  Was my thought not worth commenting on?  Do people just not know what to say?  Not want to be the first person or only person to comment? Or do people just figure someone else will make a comment on it so they wander back to their own private little world?

I’ve decided commenting on a blog is like signing a guest book.  It takes time and people just don’t have the time anymore.  When someone creates they want feedback and when they get none, should they give up?  I think not.  They should continue writing.  At some point in time someone will tell them how they are doing or validate them in a way this virtual planet can only understand.

People write blogs to express their opinions to a mass audience.  What if there isn’t one?  I know I don’t have a mass audience yet but I’m hoping I can gain one through my witty charm and intellect.  If not I may just abandon this venture for another.  I look at blogs and see people who have a mass hit counter.  Then I get jealous and want to increase the number of people who read this but how?  When I figure this out I will let everyone know.

I came to wordpress looking for a place to voice my opinions about my everyday life and how difficult it is to live as a single mother with four children driving me nuts and moving through the changes going on in my life.  Adding a career, a significant other, and more commitments to health and life.  None of these things are easy to do. 

My children make it difficult for me to find someone who doesn’t run off when the going gets tough.  Trust me my kids make the going get tough a lot.  They still think their dad is coming back.  This makes him sound like he is dead, he’s not.  He just chooses to be a single adult male with no children of his own.  Let me tell you sometimes I wish I could choose to be a single adult female with no kids.  It would certainly make my dating life easier.  Yet I wouldn’t trade my kids for anything in this world.  They are my life and fire under my butt sometimes.  They give me a kick in the butt I need to get going or the smack in the back of the head to tell me to knock of my stuff. 

My significant other has a tough time of dealing with children who don’t want him here.  Actually it is just my older children who don’t want him here.  They remember the man who use to be their dad and wait for his return, like he is on vacation.  My younger two children don’t remember him and as far as they know they don’t have a dad.  I want to give them one but my older kids make it difficult.  He is not scared of this fact and has embraced this challenge.   Some days I think he needs to have his head examined.  I love him and am so grateful he is here.

Searching for a job I can turn into a career is not going so well.  I don’t understand why it is not going so well.  I have wonderful abilities but I think the employers look at me and see some punk who can’t conform to their standards.  They see the lip ring I have and think I must do drugs or am otherwise not a good candidate.  This however is a topic of discussion for a different blog (trust me I have a rant about it).

My health hasn’t been as well as I’d like it but I haven’t been taking care of myself the way I know I need to.  Now I am paying for it.  I have started taking better care of myself, eating healthier and getting more exercise.  Hopefully this will improve my mood as well.   

Well for now everything is the way it is suppose to be.  Things happen when they need to and they don’t happen before they are suppose to.  I just need to learn to be patient.  Kind of like waiting for a comment. 



  1. comment comment comment comment comment… hahahaha.. I commented so there!!

  2. well done, brother

  3. To Sherrie ~ Thank you for your comment, all be it kind of smartass of you, but I wouldn’t expect less.

    To Clevelandil ~ Thank you for the positive comment. It really does mean a lot to me to get comments from people who are not my friends, yet!!!

  4. satyridae intractably nondecaying calpacked remonstrate macrame dud toftstead
    Wang, Angela

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