May 5, 2007

I know I didn’t post yesterday, meaning I didn’t keep my promise to you , the reading public.  Sadly enough I didn’t really have anything to say.  I have been thinking all day about what I should post here.  I still am not sure where this blog is going so hang on for the ride.  Keep your hands inside the cart and fasten your safety belt, this ride could be a bumpy one.

First off, my adorable youngest son, who earlier in these blogs, wore mismatched sock, was wearing them again.  What I found out was he purposely mismatches them.  He even takes it up a notch.  He mismatches his sister’s and steals one of them to wear with one of his own.  Thank goodness she doesn’t wear girlie sock with frills around the ankle.  Her socks are kind of manly.  Still this means she is short socks for herself to wear throughout the week.   He can be such a little stinker sometimes.

Then there is my older two.  They have been fighting each other for weeks on end now.  Today, my son hit, tripped, and kicked his sister.  She in turn hit, kicked, and tripped him back.  But she fought dirtier.  she hit him where no man should ever be hit.  The coin purse, the nads, the pills, the nuts, whichever name you call it.  First I thought ouch, then I thought I don’t envy any guy who tries to make her do anything she doesn’t want to.  She can be very mean. 

Then there is my middle son.  He went to school and told his teacher we make him do all the housework.  Can you imagine a six year old making dinner, washing laundry, or any of the other tasks adults don’t like to do.  They of course checked his story with his sister, which of course I can’t believe any adult would believe his story.  She denied it so I’m hoping it will keep the state away from my door.  I could have killed him.  I wouldn’t have but I think he understands how serious his actions are. 

After all of this I think my kids don’t like me any more.  My kids seem less happy with me because, heaven for bid, I make them clean up after themselves.  They think they should be able to leave their toys all over the place and I should have to pick them up.  Shower and leave a mess in the bathroom for me to clean up just so I can use the facilities.  I have finally put my foot down.  I am not going to let them contiune to walk all over me and this is driving them nuts. 

Well I forsee this being an ongoing battle which I plan to win.  My head is harder then theirs and I don’t give up easily.


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