The Forgotten One

April 28, 2007


Looking into the crystal ball I see you will…  Right now I wish I had a crystal ball.   I want to know when I am going to meet the man of my dreams, what my children will become and where my future in general lies.  However, being short one crystal ball, I will just move along in my life as best as I can, free to do as I please.

My middle son is six and a half and as full of life as ever.  Over the course of the last week I have been looking back and realized he has all but been forgotten.  During trips to the store he was the child you hear a code Adam for.  These were actually more like reverse code Adams, they were looking for this lost boy’s mother.  We would forget he was with us.  I don’t know if it was because he was so quiet or if we all were so absent minded.  

I will never forget the first time I left the house, by myself, after my youngest was born.  I was trying to feed the baby and chase three other kids around Toys R Us.  My oldest went to the video games and my daughter went to get him.  She was supposed to take her little brother with her so I could feed the baby.  Well as you can guess, the older two came back empty handed.  I sent them out searching each going their own way and I headed off on my own search, screaming baby in my arms. 

My daughter found me and said she hasn’t seen him in her search of the store.  Keep in mind I live in Iowa so the Toys R Us is not much bigger then a small house, her search didn’t last long.  Where was my oldest son, you ask?  Now I’m missing two of my kids.  I set off in search of my oldest and my youngest independently mobile children.  I found my oldest in the video department, as usual, playing games.  “I couldn’t find him?,” he said.  I don’t think he ever looked. 

Well then over the PA I hear a code Adam but they didn’t give any information on the child.  As I was heading to the front of the store, I passed two employees, one new and one a vet.  The vet was telling the new employee about the code Adam procedures.  I giggled thinking “You’re welcome for the training exercise today.” as the vet began explaining what is done during one, but I trekked on. 

There standing at the front of the store was my middle son.  Tears streaming down his face, I hugged him.  I would have picked him up but I was still carrying my youngest.  I was so scared but I don’t think I was as scared as he was.

This isn’t the only time we have lost him.  He has gone missing at Wal-Mart, where they found him in the parking lot looking for the car in the rain.  I’m glad for those employees who found him and brought him back inside.  I should say most of them where my friends and thought the kid looked familiar but again they weren’t sure.

I have been thinking about this because everyone in our family forgets about him.  Last weekend their grandmother came over to drop off gifts for the two children with birthdays this month,  while my oldest two were gone with their other grandmother.  So it was just my youngest two.  She never even noticed the forgotten one.  Said not one word to him.  Keep in mind she hardly ever sees them, so this has to hurt my son.  He doesn’t say a word.  My own mother is the same way.  When she gets things for the kids, she often forgets about him.

Most people think I only have three kids because they forget about him.  My roommate’s step-dad came to visit and he asked who this kid is.  Boy that has to hurt, being this kid and all.   I ran into a friend of mine from high school and she knew about the older two and the youngest one but she didn’t remember him.  I even tried to describe him.  Nothing.  Thank goodness for pictures or else she wouldn’t have ever known who he was. 

I don’t know how people forget him.  He is the only one of my kids with freckles.  He has huge dimples and beautiful eyes.  He doesn’t look like any of the rest of the kids and he is bright.  Yet still he is forgotten.

I’m hoping someday he will be remembered for doing something great.  Maybe he will cure a deadly disease or bring the world peace.  I see it in the crystal ball…   



  1. wow, i am in love with the girl in the photo with the crystal ball…how can i meet her?

  2. To Randall ~ I would love to meet her too. For now she only exists in my dreams.

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