Two Witches Circle

April 27, 2007


Two Witches Circle… State, Insanity… Where I live with my children and my roommate.   Well my family thinks so anyway.   Last Friday my older children went with their grandmother, even though they hadn’t finished all of their chores.   I didn’t know it at the time but shortly after they left the drive I realized I had dirty dishes in the sink and wet laundry piled on the floor.  

My younger two children helped pick up the mess their older siblings had left in their wake.   Granted my younger two children weren’t all that much more well behaved.   They lied, trying to get their older siblings in trouble, but it didn’t work.   They fought with each other, but compared to the older two, they were angels.

My older children came home on Sunday, after their wonderful weekend full of meals eaten in restaurants and entertainment beyond all measure. They soon realized they were in deep trouble.   My son took it very well knowing he was in trouble and started in on his work.   My daughter however was a completely different story.   When we asked her what she thought should happen as far as chores, she refused to respond!

This isn’t the normal refusal like she said “I don’t know.”   This is flat out refusal to say one word.   Nothing!   She had plenty of time to say anything, including the “I don’t know.”   But there she stood, saying nothing.   She was give one last chance to say anything and she was told if she didn’t she was going to be grounded.   Still nothing.   Then she was going to be grounded to her room for the week.   Still nothing.   So we let the punishment stand at grounding to her room for a week.   She was going to miss out on her weekly trip with her grandma to scouts and her visit to her grandmother’s for the weekend.   She didn’t care.   She figured her grandma would show up and make it all better.

Now just so you all understand, my mother, who hasn’t run my life since I was seventeen, tries to control everything I do.   She figures I will cower down to whatever she wants because I have been that way my entire life.   I never wanted a fight with her.   I tried to get along with her, even let her be mean to me, just so I would not have to fight her.   I was raised to respect your elders and even though she has done nothing in my life for me to respect her, I still try to.

So when she came on Tuesday to pick up my son for scouts she told me in no uncertain terms that my daughter was going and that was the final word.   I blew my fuse.   How could she figure she had any right to tell me that?   I would value her opinion more if she had been a better mother to my brothers and myself.   I guess as far as role models go, she stank.   Both of my brothers have been to prison and she thinks she should have some sway as far as my kids are concerned.

I told her my daughter wasn’t going and that was that.   There were no ifs, no ands, and no buts as far as this thing went.   Well I was wrong.   When I refused to let my daughter go she tried to get her to come out of her room so she could “talk” to her.   This was my mothers way of getting me to feel bad, by making me see my daughter cry.   Well it didn’t work.   I told my daughter to stay where she was.   She listened to me, which I was surprised by but didn’t question.   I told my mother she knew better then to disobey me but she still tried again.

When my daughter refused to come out of her bedroom, my mother went down the hall to talk to her in her room.   She told my daughter she wasn’t going to be able to go because I was being a “dumb b@#ch” and I was being lazy and she didn’t think it was fair that all I did was sit on my butt and made my kids do all the housework.   My daughter called me a b@#ch and agreed with my mother.   She believes her brother should have to do the chores and she should be treated like a princess.  

Well it is no wonder I’m having such trouble with my daughter.   With a mother like her who needs in laws.   My daughter thinks it is OK to disrespect me because her grandmother does.   She has seen this her entire life.   My mother has always disrespected me, even in front of my kids.  

Well today I called her and left her a message.   When she called me back she asked if my kids were going this weekend and as I told her all week long, I told her no again.   She became angry with me and hung up on me.   She then called my older brother and got him involved.   He is only slightly better about the disrespecting me thing but he knows when it comes to my mother and I he needs to just stay out of it.  

He wanted to know why my kids weren’t allowed to visit this weekend.   This was odd since he usually hates my kids visiting my mom’s house.   Well I told him the kids are grounded and besides this weekend is their youngest brother’s birthday.   He will be four and we are having a small family party for him.   He asked if the kids could come for a part of the weekend but I told him no because they were grounded.   He seemed happy with this line of answers to his “dumb questions” and he let me go.   I’m sure he called my mother and told her everything I said, which he usually does.

Well this weekend my children will be grounded doing their chores and having a fun little party to celebrate their brother’s life. As far as living on Two Witches Circle… I’m happy here and I have no plans to move anytime soon.


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