April 25, 2007


Today the rain is coming down in sheets and my driveway looks more like a river than the usual gravel and dirt path it’s supposed to be.   Granted the grass has never been greener but I think you can have too much of a good thing.   Once the ground has soaked up all of this liquid sunshine it will be too tall to mow without great difficulty.   Much like my life.   Too short to do anything without great difficulty.

My youngest child has been getting into his usual trouble all day long.   It started out with him waking my roommate while she was dreaming.   He has done this more then once.   He comes up to her and begins whispering in her ear.   While dreaming this is kind of freaky.   You hear his voice but he isn’t there.   Then he takes over the dream.   Then your subconscious self realizes he is trying to wake you and you wake up, but not without startling.   He has given her a reason to swallow her heart back to where it came from more than once.   He tends to do this to her when she is having the being chased by mass murderers dream.   I would be scared if I woke up with a four year old just inches from my face while I was having a dream about people chasing me.

I have had dreams like that before but the good news is mine weren’t the nightmares hers were.   I had someone in my dream ask me if I was going to get that.   At that point I woke up and the phone started to ring.   Talk about scary.   At one point in my life I had an alarm clock that sounded like a dump truck backing up.   Once while dreaming I heard it go off and was looking around for the truck.   Then I realized it was my alarm clock and woke myself up to shut it off.

This doesn’t mean I don’t have nightmares.   I was having one when my son woke me up this morning.   It was the being chased by someone who wants you dead kind of dream.   I really wish I could figure out why someone wants me dead but hey all I know is they do.  

This is so like the rest of my life.   I have people who hate me because of reasons unknown to me.   This boogles my mind.   I never understood why people hated me and then I spend time wasting on what I have done to make them hate me so much.   It usually has nothing to do with anything I have ever done to them, usually it is someone else doing it to them about me but hey hate is still hate no matter why.

So I move on in my day waiting until tonight when I will fall asleep again.   I can’t wait to see if I actually escape the murderers, take them on, and win!!!


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